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Let Maths with Bryony take the stress out of learning.

Roz says that she was bored before starting lessons with Bryony, and that Bryony has given her confidence to tackle new, harder topics. I would say that Bryony has also brought focus and positivity to my daughter and she is almost looking forward to her exams!

Alice, mother of IGCSE student

about my tuition

bespoke sessions

Each session is created for each student for a  personalised learning experience.

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Each half term you will receive a report which includes topics covered, progress made and next steps.

signposted support

Not sure where to look for revision or topic specific practice? All a bit up in the air? In addition to the learning in our sessions I can also guide you towards relevant resources to help support you.

Price per session

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KS3 maths

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GCSE maths

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A-level maths

about me


Bryony brings a fresh and different take to teaching maths. In addition to being a qualified and experienced secondary maths teacher, Bryony is also a maths graduate. She has excellent subject knowledge as well as a great capacity for helping students deeply understand even the most complex maths.

Bryony has a knack for making you feel comfortable and helping you to challenge yourself to reach your goals. Research says that teaching by isolating each skill and ensuring they are mastered before moving on is most likely to lead to retained learning. As well as teaching in this way, Bryony also ensures that exam questions or challenges are always embedded in the sessions. You can expect to leave a session feeling confident, successful, and most importantly proud of yourself. 

Contact me, so I can learn about you.

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